Historic Neighbourhoods


“Then and Now” views of the more than 40 former Township suburbs and subdivisions appear in the following posts (as developed):

Original Square Mile Town

West of the Square Mile (close by):


West Canal: An 1879 map reveals that, for a time, Cumberland, Bedford and York Streets had been extended south of Water Street into the canal lands. Today the Eco Park, public boat launch and R.C.A.F. club are there.




Riverdale District – East:riverdale-east

  • Dover Heights (Lot 15-16)
  • Palen (Lot 15)
  • Wm C. Robertson (Lot 15)
  • Munro C.E. (Lot 15)
  • Hartle (Lot 15)

Riverdale District – West:

  • T.D. Whiteside (Lot 18)
  • Blackadder (Lot 18)
  • Surgenor (Lot 17-18)
  • Parisien (Lot 18)

North of the Square Mile (close by):glebe-and-district


  • Glebe
  • Glebe District
  • Larin Ovila (Lot 7)
  • C. Gallinger (Lot 8)
  • S.E. Fennell (Lot 10)
  • H. Gallinger (Lot 10)
  • McDonald (Lot 11)

Further East:north-east


  • Bisaillon (Lot 6)
  • A.D. Miron (Lot 6)
  • Larin Nelson (Lot 6)

West of the Glebe District:garden-city-and-hebert


Further North:north-end


East of the Square Mile (close by):east-near


Further East:east-far_wm


The Cornwall Community Museum archives house a number of resources, including historic City Directories, maps/charts, photographs, newspaper clippings and other documents which were referenced in the creation of these posts. These items are available to the public for conducting research during Museum hours.